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Technobrain being one of the fastest growing IT companies in India and abroad, saw tremendous growth in the earlier years resulting in expansion of its resources. This resulted in a fairly young first time managers. The challenge on hand was to identify the key areas of non technical development to these first time managers.

People Leadership Behaviors were identified as the underlying framework for assessment and development. These behaviors were grouped under six broad heads –

  • Communication
  • Motivation
  • Performance Management
  • Interpersonal effectiveness
  • Leadership Basics
  • Driving results.

CommSure delivered a 4 day, 120 man hour session with an average feedback of 4.8/5.0. The delegates were then hand held by the Virtual Mentors of CommSure for a month through various activities like

  • E-learning
  • Post Course Assessments
  • Case Studies
  • Leadership round table discussions - Experience Sharing


hours of Instructor led training


hours of elearning delivered


Bharat Kumar, Technobrain

Too much valuable information to single out any one – niche tips, converting contacts to meetings-meetings to clients

Kumar B, Technobrain

The enthusiastic instructor, who has made me feel motivated to deliver the course