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Microsoft is the world's largest IT development company. In their endeavor to equip outstanding students with the necessary Technical and Non-technical skills, each year, Microsoft inducts hundreds of students in the Microsoft Student Partner Programs (MSPP) across campuses in India. The biggest challenge was to deliver courses simultaneously across multiple locations with minimum human intervention. This was to ensure that the Academic schedules were not hit.

It was tough to estimate the specific needs of students as they hailed from different part of the country. A pre-course assessment was conducted to identify the training needs and the following modules were identified

  • Communication
  • Email Writing Skills
  • Professional Etiquette
  • Motivation
  • Leadership Basics

Commsure entered into a partnership with 1200 engineering institutions across India through Microsoft for it's MSP (Microsoft Student Partners) to positively impact the institutions, faculty, students and IT industry.


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