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EASi is an engineering group catering to the technical needs of major automobile companies like Ford, Chrysler, etc. with their technical designs. They have a very large first-time employee staff, which is in constant touch with their counterparts in the United States and also work at the client's location.

This calls for a very large flow of communication, through mails, presentations, and telephonic conversations with the English-speaking population. The issue the client had, was that the staff they had hired, were good technically; however, they cited a concern regarding their staff’s communication. EASi decided to standardize and enhance their team’s communication skills to suit their client's requirements.

CommSure Knowledge Solutions had a structured approach to their client’s concern. Instead of imparting a regular Communication Skills Program; CommSure's team conducted a thorough Training Needs Analysis and found the major areas of development. Through this analysis, it was found that the issue was not communication as a whole, but certain areas which needed attention. The major areas identified were: Art of Listening, Telephone Etiquette, E-mail Etiquette and Presentations.

Using their unique Pre-Course Assessment model, CommSure Knowledge Solutions proposed a blended-learning program to the client and named it "CRAFTING IMPRESSIONS"

This included an instructor-led training session; followed by e-learning and in order to measure the success rate, it was efficiently designed to end with a Post Course Assessment.

CommSure believes that you cannot improve what you cannot measure. The difference in scores of the Pre-Course Assessment to the Post-Course Assessment gave us the degree of improvement for each participant, ensuring that the training program was result oriented.


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Narahari A Nadgir, Easi

The training session was very informative and we had a lot of fun. Thanks to the trainer and CommSure Knowledge Solutions for introducing us to the world of online learning. The e-learning experience has also been very good. Thank you for this training session

Veena Mathad, Easi

I find CommSure’s Communication Skills Training very interesting, interactive and informative. I am sure I will incorporate a lot of these into my day-to-day activities and avoid as many errors as possible. E-mail Etiquette and Telephone Etiquette were two good sessions. There were a lot of activities, which kept us engaged throughout the training session. It was fun to learn for the first time!