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Clay is an ERP of learning that will administrate the training processes and which will help in manage and track capability building through a competency framework, which will help in delivering online sessions, which will help in conducting assessments, assignments online, facilitate informal learning through wikis and blogs and provide reporting data for analysis. Some of the benefits of CLAY are

Tailored to your need -CLAY is as individual as your institution. It is not a package, it is a flexible framework that can be customized for every unique requirement and carefully integrated into your existing infrastructure.

Bird's eye view to top Management, anytime CLAY supports the top management as a highly effective management tool where up-to-the-minute information is immediately available. As an update in CLAY occurs, the management is always in touch with changes to calendars, events, news, eBulletins and assessments. Sophisticated analytics helps the Management to have a bird eye view of the performance many other details of the Training Process.

Handy to Trainers - Trainers can use their time more efficiently, easily manage their workload, collaborate with each other, communicate with their trainees and support their individual needs. Clay enables trainers to create and customise their own content , personal screen and store everything they need to get on with the job. The CLAY interface is straightforward. It uses clear text and an easily navigated format so that input, storage and retrieval of information is fast and foolproof. Calendars, news, eBulletins and notifications means that all members of the institution know what is happening.Trainers can post assignments, set up collaborative groups, check out a student’s ePortfolio, mark tests and assessments online, manage documents, and share resources and ideas with colleagues

A Cake walk to Administrators - Clay supports the administrator with infinite control to provide a secure area to communicate, collaborate, manage information, share resources, control content and approve changes and modifications. Administrators have an easy to use, feature rich and flexible framework in which to build a complete communication and content distribution system.

Features - Some of the important features of CLAY are listed below: